“La Citronneraie”® has essentially a productive area of olive and lemon trees but other citrus fruit is also grown including grapefruit, oranges, mandarins, clementines and pomelos. In addition there are about 20 varieties of hybrids such as the famous “cedrat” (Buddha’s hand), limes, citrange, combava etc..

A further area is dedicated to a remarkable garden of pleasure divided into various themes for tropical plants. Each area is well laid out always respecting the contours and microclimate of the natural environment.

There are over 800 varieties of plants represented in the garden: varieties of cactus, tropical and sub-tropical plants: cycad, ginko, kiwi, avocado, banana, salvia, solanum, palms and arecastrum, camphor, eucalyptus, cedar, yucca, dragon tree, mango, maple, orchid, ginger, and a number of varieties of bamboo and mimosa.

This exotic scenery and landscaped gardens welcome visitors into a unique area amongst ancient olive trees. A pathway meanders through terraces, loggias, fountains and past garden seats leading to the principle residence in the heart of the garden.

A flagstone pathway then leads through to a floral oasis situated around a pool with an inviting area to sit and relax with friends and family.

Its present owner, an ex-automobile champion, is constantly enriching the property. He is making improvements in the gardens and continues to plant exotic trees and more citrus trees.

69 corniche Tardieu – 06500 Menton – Tél : 06 80 26 52 24

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